Analysis & advice

Understanding the mechanics of
adhesion and quality


In our own laboratory, we can perform crucial analyses for you

Our laboratory is sufficiently sophisticated to be able to carry out all kinds of analyses for you in the field of paint and coatings. 

Do you want to know why paint is flaking off your machine? Why is your paint discolouring within a year of application? How can your fleet be better protected? We can answer all these questions.

We have one of the most advanced laboratories in the Netherlands in the field of paint, lacquers and coatings.

Extensive research

Coatings perform differently under different conditions

Some applications, such as in chemical factories, need to be able to protect against specific chemicals. Other coatings, such as those used on boats and ships, need to be completely water repellent.

Coatings applied to outdoor objects are affected by sunlight and rain and need to retain their colour for many years.

There are various standards and factors that are used to protect coatings, paints and lacquers against corrosion, for example.



There are several methods to determine whether a coating is suitable for a certain object or purpose. The Steur laboratory can advise you on this. We offer various types of analyses and tests that can determine the performance of a specific coating on an object.

For example, the durable protection against salt or chemicals can be measured by different tests. The same applies to UV protection or exposure to high and low temperatures. Of course, we can also test the adhesion for you. Our tests can indicate the quality level of paints from all suppliers.

We can tell you whether a certain paint or lacquer is suitable for an object or application or not. This gives you, as a customer, the certainty that the lacquer, paint or coating you are using offers the best protection under all conditions.

Excellently equipped test centre

In our laboratory we can carry out the following analyses and tests for you:

  • Cyclic salt spray tests
  • Machu test: accelerated salt spray test
  • Scratch, wear and bend tests
  • Temperature tests from -40 to +300
  • UV accelerated weathering tests (UVA, UVB in combination with condensation)
  • Adhesion pull-off tests 
  • Cross hatch testing
  • Washability tests
  • Colour measurement by means of XRite CIE L*a*b*
  • Rheology testing
  • Contact angle measurements for adhesion and coating compatibility (Drop Shape Analysis)
  • Hardness Measurements
  • Wet and Dry Film Thickness Measurements
  • PIG measurements for layer determination
  • Air velocity in spray booths
  • E.I.S. (Electrochemical Impedance Spectrography)

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Steur combines properties that are usually incompatible: innovation and operational reliability.

Peter Couwenberg - Efteling theme park

We have had a close partnership with Steur since 2009. Quality, keeping to agreements, innovation and always being there for us and our customers characterise this cooperation.

Sebastian Umbreit - Terex / Genie

Top company! Professionals who pay attention to their work. You can see that in the result. Our tankers always look neat and tidy.

Paul Palmer - Schenk Tank Transport

We had our newest attraction sprayed by Steur. Fast service, agreements met and a perfect finish. We were very satisfied and we will definitely recommend Steur to our colleagues.

Frank Vale - Vale Fairground attractions

Steur turned our used tank trailer into a completely new trailer, including advertising! Quite a drive from Friesland, but highly recommended!

Schelte Halma - Halma Agro

We have already had several cement mixers sprayed by Steur and they always look perfect. The service is of a very high standard.

Jos Schotanus - Mulder Europe

Great company, good contact, clear and above all fair quote. The end result exceeds all expectations. Highly recommended!

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