Specialty coatings.


Specifically designed for heavy-duty applications.

High performance coatings

Effectiveness of coatings

During the 60 years we have been in the industrial coating business, we have found that not all coatings are equally effective.

Six years ago we made the decision, together with our partner Qotec, to develop coatings that protect your vehicles and industrial applications better than any other coating on the market. And we succeeded!

NanoClear+ is a clear topcoat that can be applied over all paint systems. It has been specially developed for (heavy) industrial applications and combines a number of characteristics that cannot be found in any other coating. You can read more about this coating on the Qotec website.

Concrete examples

Keeping vehicles free of concrete
We work with customers who have concrete mixers and spend up to an hour every day cleaning their vehicles. Applying NanoClear+ keeps the concrete trucks clean.

We have customers who work with heavy equipment that is used in salt water or in areas where many chemicals are used. These customers suffer from a lot of corrosion on their vehicles and machinery.

By applying Nanoclear+ we have been able to ensure that these vehicles last up to 6 years longer. This saves a lot of money in maintenance and downtime.

Some examples

We serve customers who have many dump trucks and want to unload their cargo more safely and easily. The application of NanoClear+ ensures that the surface of, for example, a loading floor becomes much smoother and offers less resistance. This makes it easier and safer to unload a load.

Scratch & impact resistant

Some of our customers come to places where their vehicles or equipment are relatively easily damaged, such as city traffic and construction sites. Especially on construction sites, relatively much damage takes place. Think of cranes, trucks or aerial work platforms. Equipment falls on them, something is driven into them or substances such as concrete or mortar are spilled.

High Performance Coatings

Applications for which NanoClear+ is suitable:

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  • Protects your vehicle against scratches and other damage
    NanoClear+ is a self-reparing coating.

  • Extremely resistant to contaminants such as bird droppings, chemicals, plaster and cement.
    Spend less time and money on cleaning and maintaining your vehicle.

  • Nanoclear+ features UV blockers so the object does not discolor, even after years of being exposed to the outdoors.

  • Protects your vehicle against rust/corrosion because water and oxygen can not penetrate the coating

  • Ensures that your vehicle always remains clean.
    NanoClear+ has dirt-resistant and self-cleaning properties.

  • Makes it easier to unload loads from dump trucks, for example. The coating is particularly smooth which makes unloading faster and safer.

NanoClear+ protects your vehicles

The hard but elastic layer of Nanoclear+ provides protection against all the above problems. For our customers, this means less maintenance, less downtime, less cleaning and therefore saving on costs.

NanoClear+ is also ideally suited for works of art that are located in the open air. Some of the most famous amusement parks in the Netherlands use NanoClear+.

With this coating they protect both attractions and artworks in their parks against external weather influences. The UV blockers in the coating, the water-repellent effect and the excellent protection ensure that works of art and attractions remain good for years.

Would you like to know more about the properties of NanoClear+ and whether it is suitable for you? Then please contact us. 

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