Pre-treatment & Repair



The pre-processing is the most time-consuming process in a paint shop. Here, we make sure that your vehicle is restored to tip-top condition before our professional painters start spraying it. The better the preparation, the better your vehicle will look in the end. At Steur we stand for quality, so we also take our time for this. The preparation process has a number of steps:


Sheet metal

We always start by inspecting the sheet metal. Does it still look good or not? Some of the vehicles we receive have a lot of rust or other damage on them without this being immediately noticeable from the outside.

Almost every mechanic can weld on a new plate, but that does not solve the problem. Because under the new plate, the rust will undoubtedly continue and eventually it will return. The only way to tackle rust properly is to remove the rusty part completely and to replace it with new sheet metal.

At Steur we take care of all sheet metal repairs on your vehicle. In consultation with our customers we remove bad parts and replace them with new sheet metal.


Remove and repair damage

Is all the sheet metal in order?

Then we completely check the vehicle for other damage. Our mechanics determine where repairs are still needed before your vehicle is sanded.

The filler department works away all damage to your vehicle. Any dents or other damage are neatly and professionally repaired so you won't see any more of them when your vehicle is fully painted.



After repairing all damage to your vehicle, the old layer of paint is removed.  We do this by sanding the entire vehicle from top to bottom. All parts that do not need to be painted are covered with foil or taped with paper.

Should we still come across a rusty spot on the vehicle, we remove it by grinding or sanding. If there is still a lot of rust on the vehicle, we will sandblast a number of areas to be 100% sure that all rust is gone.

Finally, the whole vehicle is made clean and dust-free so that our specialists can start masking your vehicle.



Our masking department takes care of the careful masking of your vehicle.

All parts that are not going to be painted are carefully covered with masking film, paper and tape.

In this way, we ensure that parts that do not need to be sprayed remain free of primer and paint.

After this, your vehicle goes to the spray cabin to be painted.


Steur combines properties that are usually incompatible: innovation and operational reliability.

Peter Couwenberg - Efteling theme park

We have had a close partnership with Steur since 2009. Quality, keeping to agreements, innovation and always being there for us and our customers characterise this cooperation.

Sebastian Umbreit - Terex / Genie

Top company! Professionals who pay attention to their work. You can see that in the result. Our tankers always look neat and tidy.

Paul Palmer - Schenk Tank Transport

We had our newest attraction sprayed by Steur. Fast service, agreements met and a perfect finish. We were very satisfied and we will definitely recommend Steur to our colleagues.

Frank Vale - Vale Fairground attractions

Steur turned our used tank trailer into a completely new trailer, including advertising! Quite a drive from Friesland, but highly recommended!

Schelte Halma - Halma Agro

We have already had several cement mixers sprayed by Steur and they always look perfect. The service is of a very high standard.

Jos Schotanus - Mulder Europe

Great company, good contact, clear and above all fair quote. The end result exceeds all expectations. Highly recommended!

Peter Stoof - The men from Stoof

A household name for over 60 years.