Dismantling & Assembly


Before we start treating your vehicle, it is first dismantled. At Steur we pay a lot of attention to the dismantling process.

All vehicles that come to us are carefully dismantled. We remove all parts that need to be removed. Think of mirrors, handles, headlights, the grill, bumpers, spoilers, antennas, boarding steps, air filter, etc.

That way, all spots on your vehicle are easily accessible and we can see where any repair work is needed. Most rust or oxidation often starts in places that are difficult to reach. And those spots need careful attention. You usually only see them once all the loose parts have been removed.

For the dismantling of vehicles, we have an extensive workshop with a surface area of 600 m2, including cranes and lifting equipment.

Dismantling & Assembly Workshop

Steur has a 2 x 5 tonne overhead crane that can move along the entire length of the dismantling workshop. This enables our people to dismantle your vehicle safely and quickly.

For the dismantling of large cranes and heavy material lifts, we have a roof that can be opened, so that even the largest machines can be dismantled completely.

All loose parts are carefully collected and stored together so that we know exactly which part came from where. This ensures that when we assemble, we can quickly put the vehicle together.

Depending on the condition of your vehicle or object, it is then blasted (if there is a lot of rust or dirt) or it can go through to the pre-treatment department.

  • We specialise in the painting of large vehicles and industrial applications.

  • We use short lead times so that you get your vehicle back quickly.

  • We use paints that offer the most optimal protection with the least impact on the environment.

  • We have a competent team of coating specialists at your disposal.

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